A Perfect Situation - “Act 15” (Season Finale Act)

George confronts the gang; we found out why the guys were arrested; Samira makes a move; and the serial arsonist is finally revealed.

A Perfect Situation - “Act 14”

Megan and Samira are called in to the interrogation room to help figure out Chris’ “forgotten” day and Trav has the unfortunate task of spending time with Lil’ Richie.

A Perfect Situation - “Act 13”

The guys are arrested for a crime they didn’t commit, but a no-nonsense agent looks to put them away for good. Can they find the person responsible before it’s too late?

A Perfect Situation - “Act 12”

In trying to defend her name, a stoned Megan makes an even bigger ass of herself; Trav uses an argument with two bullies to his advantage; a female partygoer tries to set Chris up with a mutual friend; and how inappropriate is it to ask a recovering addict for their dealer’s number?

A Perfect Situation - “Act 11”

Megan discovers what some people actually think of her and Trav’s beard is more interested in getting over the flu than helping him make his crush jealous.

A Perfect Situation - “Act 10”

Chris sparks a meet-cute with a girl at a supermarket; Trav is in love but crosses a line when he tries to cheer her up; Samira eats some funky fish.

New episode tomorrow!

Slutty Costume Master List

October begins.  So do the costume suggestions.  Here’s everything so far from the last few years.

Slutty Weather Reporter Who Clearly Should Not Be On the Boardwalk They’re Reporting from, Slutty Q-Tip, Slutty Rotary Phone, Slutty Box Cutter, Slutty Speedy Gonzalez, Slutty Michelin Man, Slutty Tea Cup, Slutty Cable Box, Slutty Olive, Slutty Mom Jeans, Slutty Summer Squash, Slutty Todd Palin, Slutty Admiral Ackbar, Slutty Tupperware, Slutty French Dip, Slutty Christmas Tree, Slutty Justice Anthony Scalia, Slutty Kool-Aid Guy, Slutty Ikea Instructions Guy, Slutty Blacksmith, Slutty Kia Sorento, Slutty Desk Lamp, Slutty Number 9, Slutty Donatello (the bas-relief sculptor and painter from the Renaissance, not the Ninja Turtle), Slutty Six Iron, Slutty Carpet Samples, Slutty Thumb, Slutty Tetris Piece, Slutty Oncologist, Slutty Road Cone, Slutty Candy Hearts, Slutty Garrison Keillor, Slutty Pineapple, Slutty Tube of Toothpaste, Slutty Chairman Mao, Slutty Planet Saturn, Slutty Mitt Romney, Slutty Sonic the Hedgehog, Slutty Cashier, Slutty Certified Mail, Slutty Sofa, Slutty Left Flip-Flop, Slutty Ski Lift, Slutty Venetian Blinds, Slutty Michael Myers, Slutty Corn on the Cob, Slutty Josef Stalin, Slutty Hamburger Helper Hand, Slutty Horticulturist, Slutty Roman Candle, Slutty Stick and Bindle, Slutty Key Lime Pie, Slutty Nintendo Controller, Slutty Bic Pen Logo Guy, Slutty Creature from the Black Lagoon, Slutty Rite-Aid Clerk, Slutty Rook, Slutty Cagney K. Brennan, Slutty Mid-wife, Slutty San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Slutty Tow Truck Driver, Slutty Paul Krugman, Slutty Swordfish, Slutty Autumn Leaves, Slutty Dirk Nowitzki, Slutty Ampersand, Slutty Blood Drive Mascot, Slutty Janitor, Slutty Wedding Cake Topper, Slutty Crocodile Dundee, Slutty Steamboat Captain, Slutty Cobbler, Slutty Boulder, Slutty Neurosurgeon, Slutty Fact-Checker, Slutty Crayola Scented Marker, Slutty Commemorative State Quarter, Slutty Artisan Cheeses, Slutty Spaghetti and Meatballs, Slutty 1920’s Prisoner, Slutty Bananas in Pajamas, Slutty Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Slutty Christmas Tree Salesman, Slutty Eddie Vedder, Slutty Cement Block, Slutty Pathmark Bagger, Slutty Cab Driver, Slutty Lego Person, Slutty Lumberjack, Slutty Stenographer, Slutty Thomas Tompion, Slutty National Geographic Photographer, Slutty Nucky Thompson, Slutty 50’s robot, Slutty Powerade, Slutty Edgar Allan Poe, Slutty Mix Tape, Slutty Little Giants, Slutty Yankee Candle, Slutty Window Wizard, Slutty Eggs Benedict, Slutty Kindle, Slutty ISS, Slutty Cadmium, Slutty Water Treatment Center, Slutty Artisanal Cheese, Slutty Ball Pit, Slutty Wawa Goose, Slutty Michelin Man, Slutty Julienne Cut Fries, Slutty tire rotation machine, Slutty bipartisan spending bill, Slutty beach accessories store, Slutty non-envelope requiring ATM, Slutty Contra Player 2, Slutty Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’, Slutty Pervading Sense of Self-Doubt, Slutty Kettle Bells, Slutty Lisa Frank Pencil Case, Slutty Sally Jesse Raphael, Slutty Odd Job (yes, the one from Bond), Slutty Lee Corso, Slutty Sneeze Guard, Slutty Natty Bumpo, Slutty Astronaut Food, Slutty GI Infection, Slutty Unclaimed Freight, Slutty Prodigy Internet, Slutty Hooters Line Cook, Slutty Cyclone Fencing, Slutty Olympic Fencing, Slutty Pack n’ Play, Slutty Broken ObamaCare Website, Slutty Popeye, Slutty Casket, Slutty Home Depot Employee, Slutty Fjord, Slutty Angela Merkel, Slutty Armistice Agreement, Slutty Step Ladder, Slutty Glengarry Leads, Slutty Slap Bracelet, Slutty Piston Honda, Slutty Aggressive Homeless Person, Slutty Beast from the X-Men, Slutty Far Side Mom, Slutty Geiger Counter, Slutty Cartoon Fish Skeleton, Slutty Pythagorean Theorem, Slutty Spicy Mustard, Slutty Wiffle Ball Bat, Slutty Old-Timey Motor Carriage, Slutty Grammar Nazi, Slutty Wind Sock, Slutty Greek Yogurt, Slutty Field Research, Slutty Origami, Slutty Amateur Juggler, Slutty Ibuprofen, Slutty Hercule Poirot, Slutty Five-In-One Painter’s Tool, Slutty Stack of Orange Wawa Crates, Slutty Mustachioed Window Tint Installer, Slutty Fake Wood Paneling, Slutty Bop-It

A Perfect Situation - “Act 9”

The gang has a dinner date with Megan’s dad; Chris and Megan can’t decide on their future.

A Perfect Situation - “Act 8”

Chris and the gang have a dinner date with Megan’s Dad; Samira overhears a troubling secret; Megan assumes the worst.

A Perfect Situation - “Act 7”

Chris and the gang have a dinner date with Megan’s Dad.

A Perfect Situation - “Act 6”

The gang returns home from their road trips to discover the truth about Chris and Megan.

A Perfect Situation - “Act 5”

3 separate road trips lead the gang to question the loyalties of their relationships.

A Perfect Situation - “Act 4”

Megan meets with George to return the ring and gets some troubling news; the guys try to get intimate

Episode #2 coming tomorrow!